Alvaro Martinez, natural of Cantabria, land of the best anchovies in the world, or so they say, got his degree in Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca in 2004. Since then, he’s worked mainly as an storyboard artist for advertising and movies (The Impossible, Zipi y Zape, El Club de la canica, among others) aside of his other work as commercial illustrator, be it educational, for advertising, or publishing. After a hardcore boot camp, this native of Torrelavega has started working in comics, and his first professional gig for the American industry, 12 pages for Harbinger #10 inked by the great Stefano Gaudiano, has just been published by Valiant Entertainment. 

Moving to Marvel, Alvaro worked on the Iron Man Annual #1; Ultimate Comics X-Men and Cataclism: Ultimate X-Men.

After that, he landed at DC, and he hasn't moved since then, being an exclusive artist for the company. He worked on a couple of Aquaman issues, Convergence: Booster Gold; Grayson; Robin War or Teen Titans. He then moved to the Batman corner of the DC Universe, working on Grayson, Batman Eternal and its continuation, Batman & Robin Eternal and then to the Rebirth incarnation of Detective Comics, working alongside Raül Fernández.

Currently, Alvaro is working again with writer James Tynion IV and Raul on the critically acclaimed Justice League Dark book for DC Comics.


JLD, Detective Comics; Batman & Robin Eternal; Grayson Annual #2; Batman Eternal; Aquaman Annual; Aquaman #30-31; Robin War; Secret Origins #2; Iron Man Annual; Cataclysm: Ultimate X-Men; Ultimate Comics: X-Men; Harbinger; Archer & Armstrong.

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