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A current teacher at ESDIP (School for Professional Art) in Madrid, Carlos started working professionally for the American industry on Jim Valentino’s Shadowline, in books like Shadowhawk, The Pact, Task Force One, and Round Table of America #1, all of them published by Image Comics.


His first work for DC Comics was Batman and the Outsiders (3 issues), and after that he penciled books like Nightwing #139, Teen Titans #58 & #61, or Secret Six #8, #13-#14.

For Marvel, he’s worked in books like Black Panther, Thunderbolts, and X-Men Vs. Agents of Atlas.

After doing the Fall of the Hulks: Red Hulk 4-issue miniseries, and his work for DC on the Mighty Crusaders mini, Carlos has been working on books like Namor #8-11, for Marvel, or Blackhawks #7, and recently, Suicide Squad #11 for DC. He's also worked on Witchblade for Top Cow or Path of Exile for Dynamite.

Carlos returned to DC Comics tp work in books like Green Arrow and Suicide Squad: War Crimes.

Currently, he's working on Starcraft books for Blizzard.


Suicide Squad: War Crimes; Path of Exile; Witchblade, Suicide Squad; Morbius: The living vampire; Batgirl: Aveon 7; Suicide Squad; DC Presents; Blackhawks #7; Namor: The Last Mutant; The Mighty Crusaders; Fall of the Hulks: Red Hulk; Agents of Atlas Vs. X-Men, Thunderbolts #136; Secret Six #8, 13, 14; Batman and the Outsiders #2, #6, #7, Nightwing #139, Teen Titans #58 and 61.

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