Carmen was born in Malaga, and she swears she crossed paths with the world or art by sheer chance. She graduated in Fine Art at the University of Granada, and since then, she hasn’t stopped learning. Her crafts include, drawing, painting, engraving, and photography. She’s done everything in life, from painting people’s portraits for home use to teaching tribal dances.


She started working in comic-books as inker, on books like Aunomati: I am A.I. for Low Dow Comics. Her first pencilling work was for Marvel, in the last story published in the X-Factor book. She also worked for Sideshow Collectibles, adapting their Court of the Dead statue series to comics.


For Marvel, she’s worked on books like Superior Foes of Spider-Man, The Punisher (being the first female artist to ever draw the character’s ongoing series) and Cyclops, her first collaboration with writer Greg Rucka, with whom she’d work again in Dragon Age: Magekiller, adaptation of the videogame, for Dark Horse Comics.


Her first works for DC Comics were Justice League of America: Deadshot, or Justice League: Dial E, and also the third Swamp Thing. After that, she worked with Sterling Gates on Adventures of Supergirl, Batgirl and the Birds of Prey, Wonder Woman, Bombshells, Gotham City Garage, or her amazing work on Detective Comics, Supergirl #18. and the Green Arrow Annual 2018!

After those, Carmen moved to Marvel to work on X-Men Red, work that earned her an exclusive contract and becoming the artist on Captain Marvel's new series, series that she's still drawing nowadays...


Supergirl; Detective Comics; Gotham City Garage; Wonder Woman; Batgirl & The Birds of Prey; DC Bombshells; Astro City; Adventures of Supergirl; Dragon Age: Magekiller; Cyclops; Court of the Dead; Punisher; Superior Foes of Spider-Man #10-11; Justice League #23.3: Dial E; JLA #7.1: Deadshot; X-Factor; Shadowman.

Wonder Woman #40 page 20
Poison Ivy
Wonder Woman #40 page 18
Wonder Woman #40 page 19
Supergirl #18 page 10
Supergirl #18 page 11
Supergirl #18 page 12
Gotham City Garage #11 page 10
Gotham City Garage #10 page 3
Detective Comics #963 page 1
Detective Comics #963 page 2
Detective Comics #963 page 3