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Javier started his career as a part of the fanzine 451º. Some of his first works for the American comic-book industry were Vampirella #19-21 for Harris Comics, GI Joe Frontline #8, for Image / Devil’s Due, Gen-13 #16, for Wildstorm, and Strangers, for Semic in France.


Later, he started working for DC Comics with Batman: Gotham Knights #54 and #60, before taking over as ongoing artist of Manhunter, book he penciled for more than two years. After that, he penciled the miniseries Suicide Squad: Raise the Flag. did an issue of Bat-Lash, and collaborated on a flashback scene for Secret Six #6. Next, he penciled and inked Superman Annual #14, and four issues of the Superman ongoing book (#685, #694, #697 & #698). Javier’s last published work is the Mighty Crusaders Annual.

After drawing Stan Lee’s Soldier Zero for Boom! Studios, Javier returned to DC, where he rotated with Jesus Saiz on the New-52 Birds of Prey and Swamp Thing books. He also worked on Gotham City Garage for DC.

Moving to Marvel, Javier has worked on Captain America: Steve Rogers, Rise of the Black Panther, Dr. Strange, and a Star Wars collaboration we can't give you details of... YET! :)


Captain America: Steve Rogers; Swamp Thing Annual; Detective Comics #23.1: Poison Ivy; Resurrection Man; Birds of Prey; Mighty Crusaders Annual; Superman Annual #14; Superman; Secret Six; Suicide Squad: Raise the Flagg; Manhunter; Gotham Knights; GI Joe Frontline. Soldier Zero...

Rise of the Black Panther #2, page 1
Rise of the Black Panther #2, page 2
Rise of the Black Panther #2, page15
Avengers #673, page 1
Avengers #673, page 3
Avengers #673, page 14
Gotham City Garage #12, page 1
Gotham City Garage #12, page 5
Gotham City Garage #12, page 8
Captain America - Steve Rogers #9,p9
Captain America - Steve Rogers #9 page 10
Captain America - Steve Rogers #9 page 18
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