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The Joso School for Comic-Book Artists also counts Juan as one of its teachers. He started his career with a short story (and some illustrations later published in another book) for the Spanish edition of Savage Sword of Conan, and the books Black Hacker and Zeta, all for the same publisher, Planeta DeAgostini.


His first american work was Cable #78, and later he did Peter Parker: Spider-Man Annual 2002, both for Marvel; The Resistance and The Twilight Experiment and a couple issues of Majestic for Wildstorm (while at the same time doing Les Legions de Fer, an album for Semic in France). Back at Marvel, he worked on the Hulk ongoing, the Marvel Adventures line (Fantastic Four, The Avengers, Hulk), and other books like Mystic Arcana: Scarlet Witch; Giant-Size Hulk; Hulk: Broken Worlds; or Wolverine / Hercules: Myths (still pending publication).

Satacruz created two OGNs for Kickstart Entertainment, Endangered and Book Smart, and after that he’s created the art for the Shifty Look project Rapid Thunder, an update of the classic Rolling Thunder game for Namco Bandai.

Juan created Cell Block Earth, his first book as full artist (pencils, inks and colors) for Dark Horse Comics, and he's recently finished work on a new Painkiller Jane book: Trust the Universe.


Cell Block Earth; Painkiller Jane; Sex & Violence; Rapid Thunder; Endangered; Book Smart; Wolverine / Hercules: Myths; Hulk: Days of the Future Past; The Resistance, Twilight Experiment, Hulk, Cap Universe / DD, Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four / Hulk, X-Men: Die by the Sword.); Iron Man: Golden Avenger, one-shot...


Cell Block Earth Part 1, page 1
Cell Block Earth Part 1, page 2
Cell Block Earth Part 1, page 3
Painkiller Jane (2013) #1, page 1
Painkiller Jane (2013) #2, page 1
Painkiller Jane (2013) #3, page 1
Book Smart OGN, page 18
Book Smart OGN, page 19
Book Smart OGN, page 12
Endangered OGN, page 9
1Endangered OGN, page 10
1Endangered OGN, page 8
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