Another student of the Escola de Comics Joso, Julian Lopez is a Spanish illustrator and comic-book artist born in Barcelona; he's worked for DC Comics in books like Batman & The Outsiders; Oracle: The Cure; Titans; Wonder Woman; Faces of Evil: Kobra; Action Comics, Superman, World's Finest, War of the Supermen; JLA Classified, Adventure Comics or The Mighty Crusaders. 


Recently, Julian has started working for Marvel, in books like Monsters Unleashed: Dr. Strange, X-Men Blue issues 4 and 5, and Hulk issues 9 and 10. 

Julian is currently available.


Hulk #9 & 10; X-Men Blue #4 & 5; Monster Unleashed: Doctor Strange; Action Comics; Superman; Batman & The Outsiders; Oracle: The Cure; Titans: Adventure Comics; Wonder Woman; World’s Finest; Justice League Confidential; Faces of Evil: Kobra; Mighty Crusaders...

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