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A native of Salamanca, Manuel started his career drawing Robin #92 and The Spectre #7 for DC Comics, before doing his first work for Marvel, The Avengers #44-47. He Also worked briefly on Vampirella for Harris Comics and a couple Star Wars related titles for Dark Horse, and Strangers, for the French publisher Semic.


He returned to Marvel to pencil books like Thunderbolts, the Daredevil Movie Adaptation, the Mystique ongoing, and Spider-Man: Breakout. After starting the ongoing Marvel Adv. The Avengers, doing the post-Civil War issues of Black Panther (World Tour), and the MAX: Wisdom miniseries, he moved over to DC Comics, where he did books like Countdown, All-Flash, Checkmate, or Crime Bible. He returned to Marvel last year with the House of M: Masters of Evil and Dark Avengers: Ares miniseries, and the Indomitable Iron Man B & W one-shot. Also for Marvel, he pencilled Iron Man: Noir, Black Widow, and the Supreme Power miniseries. At Dark Horse, Manuel has worked on books like Captain Midnight or Skyman. Big multimedia companies have sought Manuel's services in the past few years: from Sideshow, for their Court of the Dead books, to Blizzard Entertainment, on books like Hearthstone or Starcraft.

Manuel just finished an acclaimed run on Noble for Lion Forge Comics, and he's currently available.


Hearthstone; Starcraft: Court of the Dead; Captain Midnight; Skyman; Captain Midnight; Skyman. Aquaman; Justice League of America; Bloodshot; Supreme Power; Black Widow; Iron Man Noir; Ares; House of M: Masters of Evil; Mystique; Spider-Man: Breakout; All-Flash; Countdown;  Black Panther; MAX: Wisdom; Checkmate; Strange Adventures...

Starcraft Shadow Wars, page 1
Starcraft Shadow Wars, page 3
Starcraft Shadow Wars, page 6
The Prox Transmissions, page 44
The Prox Transmissions, page 43
The Prox Transmissions, page 45
The Court of the Dead - Gethsemoni page 7
The Court of the Dead - Gethsemoni page 1
The Court of the Dead - Gethsemoni page 11
Lobo Pin-Up
Civil War II Mattel Variant
Wonder Woman Pin-Up
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