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A classic artist in the truest sense of the word, Marta studied Fine Arts in the University of Barcelona, with an sculpture degree.

Her first professional work as colorist for American comic-books was the Martian Manhunter miniseries (and its preview on the Brave New World one-shot), penciled by Al Barrionuevo and inked by Bit, same team she collaborated with on Teen Titans #45. After that, she started working with Julian Lopez and Bit in books like Superman #676, Wonder Woman #13, and the first nine issues of the Batman and the Outsiders ongoing (with pencils by Carlos Rodriguez on issues 2, 6 and 7). Next, she would color Action Comics #848-849. Batman in Barcelona: Dragon’s Knight, with art by Diego Olmos, would come later, followed by Captain America Theater of War: To Soldier On, her first work for Marvel, with art by Fernando Blanco.

After working with Diego Olmos again on Supernatural: Beginning’s End and the RED: Marvin one-shot, for Wildstorm, and doing Iron Man Noir, with Manuel Garcia, and a short Wolverine story for Marvel, Marta’s last work was coloring Jesus Saiz on DC Legacies.

Marta's most recent work has been for the Double Take line of books by Take-Two interactive.


Colorist- Captain Midnight; Skyman; Wolverine; Iron Man Noir; Supernatural: Beginnings and Ends; Captain America: Theater of War; Batman in Barcelona: Dragon’s Knight; Batman & the Outsiders;  Martian Manhunter; Teen Titans; Action Comics; Superman Confidential and Wonder Woman #13.

Skyman #4 page 1
Skyman #4 page 5
Skyman #4 page 22
Captain Midnight #15 page 1
Captain Midnight #15 page 2
Captain Midnight #15 page 17
Iron Man Noir #7 page 1
Iron Man Noir #7 page 2
Iron Man Noir #7 page 3
Action Comics #848 page 5
Action Comics #848 page 6
Action Comics #848 page 7
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