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Carmen Carnero takes over Miles Morales: Spider-Man, with issue #17, part of the epic Outlawed!

Let’s solve the mystery! The INCREDIBLE, ALL-STAR (Marvel's own words) Carmen Carnero will take over the MILES MORALES SPIDER-MAN book starting with April’s issue #17, part of OUTLAWED! Carmen will work with the FANTASTIC Saladin Ahmed and editors Kathleen Wisneskii and Nick Lowe,

Here's a link to Marvel's article: And what has Carmen have to say about it?

“It's terrifying, but in a good way," says Carnero. "Whenever I’ve been asked which character I wouldn’t want to draw, my answer was always the same: Spider-Man. Mind you, not because I don’t like the character, I ADORE SPIDER-MAN, but because I feel so much respect for him (and even more after the amazing work Javi Garrón has done!). But man, do I ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE. It’s a huge change for my 'brain muscles' after my last gigs at CAPTAIN MARVEL or X-MEN: RED, and I thank Marvel for trusting me with this book, because I know I’m going to learn a lot, and I’m going to give my 100% to tell the tales of Miles’ life along with Saladin.”

Link to Marvel's original story: https://www.marvel.com/articles/comics/carmen-carnero-and-saladin-ahmed-introduce-miles-morales-to-outlawed?linkId=81065861 Marvel

(Also attached here is the cover for the issue by Javier Garrón!)