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After studying at the Joso School for Comic-Book Artists, Ramon started publishing in Spain books like Manticore, Yinn, or Castor & Pollux.


A few years later, he did his first American work for Dark Horse Comics (Joker Vs. Mask, Star Wars, Shrek). After some issues of Gen-13 for Wildstorm, he drew the acclaimed Detective Comics run “Batman: City of Crime” with David Lapham for DC Comics. Then he moved over to Marvel, and worked with Paul Jenkins in books like Generation-M, Civil War: Frontline, WWHulk: Frontline, and Marvel Apes.

Back at DC he worked World’s Finest miniseries, Red Robin, Azrael, the Two Face co-feature in Batman: Streets of Gotham, Batgirl, and Bruce Wayne: The Road Home – Red Robin. He's also worked in the all-ages books Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man, and Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, plus Figment Legacy, Civil War II: The Accused, Robin: Son of Batman, Hearthstone for Blizzard and many others. Ramon has worked for Marvel on the Marvel Rising: Squirrel Girl / Ms Marvel miniseries and Star Wars: Age of Rebellion - Darth Vader.

He's recently finished work on some issues of Venom for Marvel and What If: Spider-Gwen for Marvel.


What If: Spider-Gwen; Venom; Star Wars: Vader; Secret Warriors; Hearthstone; Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Special; Civil War II: The Accused; Robin: Son of Batman; Figment Legacy; Secret Wars Journal; Fiction Squad; Ultimate Spider-Man; Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes; Mystery in Space; Batman; Streets of Gotham; Azrael; World’s Finest; Red Robin; Marvel Apes; Civil War: Frontline; World War Hulk: Frontline; Generation M; Detective Comics: Batman City of Crime; Gen 13; Star Wars;  Joker Vs. Mask, Batgirl; Soldier Zero...

Robin Son of Batman #12, cover
Robin Son of Batman #11 p8
Robin Son of Batman #12 p2
Spider-Gwen samples, page 1
Spider-Gwen samples, page 2
Spider-Gwen samples, page 3
Batgirl samples p2
Batgirl samples p3
Batgirl samples p1
Squirrel Girl samples p1
Squirrel Girl samples p2
Detective Comics #800 p8
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