Another student of the Joso School for Comic-Book Artists, Raul, a brilliant artist himself, chose to go the way of the inks, and after working with Ramon F. Bachs on the Manticore series, he joined him in the Star Wars and Shrek books they did together for Dark Horse, and the Batman 12-cent Adventure for DC Comics.

He’s also worked for Marvel with Manuel Garcia in books like Mystique or Spider-Man: Breakout; with Juan Santacruz on X-Men: Die by the Sword, Giant-Size Hulk, Marvel Adventures: The Avengers, and Marvel Adv. Hulk, among others. Back at DC, he’s collaborated with artist Fernando Dagnino in books like Batman and the Outsiders, Superman, Supergirl, Action Comic, Wonder Woman or Justice League: Generation Lost. He’s worked with Andres Guinaldo’s pencils on Justice League Dark, Gotham City Sirens, and Joker’s Asylum: The Riddler. Raul inked Ramon Bachs again in Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man and Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. 


Back at DC, Raül worked with Alvaro Martínez on Detective Comics, and they're still working together on Justice League Dark!​


Inker- Detective Comics; Grayson; Batman and Robin Eternal; Aquaman, Iron Man Annual; Cataclysm: Ult. X-Men; Ultimate Spider-Man; Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes; Gotham City Sirens; Superman Secret Files 09, Supergirl Annual; Supergirl #41, BATO #13; Teen Titans  #64, #67; Spider-Man Breakout, Mystique, MADvFF; Batman: the 12-cent adventure; X-Men: Die by the sword; MADVFF and MADV: Avengers; Marvel Adv. Hulk. Gotham City Sirens, JL: Generation Lost. Avengers: Solo…


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