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Santi got his Fine Arts degree in the University of Barcelona. He published in Spain three stories starring his characters Claus & Simon (Claus & Simon en Hollywood, Feria de Monstruos, and Cajón de Sastre) for Ediciones La Cúpula, all illustrated by co-creator Daniel Acuña. He also created Lorena Jones for the kids’ magazine Mister K.

Santi and Daniel would return later to Claus & Simon with a French album, Claus & Simon: Rois de L’Evasion, published by Albin Michel in France, and by Heavy Metal in the USA. Also for France, Santi wrote, illustrated and colored the album Sandra, published by Vents des Savanes. His first colorist work for the US industry was Checkmate (with Jesus Saiz, Joe Bennett and Manuel Garcia) for DC Comics, book he colored for more than two years. After that, he colored Crime Bible: The Five books of Bloodlessons #4-#5 (again, with Manuel Garcia, and also with his good friend Diego Olmos). After that, he would do Faces of Evil: Kobra with Julian Lopez. Next was Vixen: Return of the Lion, with CAFU, a team that is still working together in the Action Comics: Captain Atom co-feature. Aside of his colorist work, Santi has also provided covers and interior illustrations for the US Kids magazines Turtle, Jack & Jill and Humpty Dumpty.

Santi worked with CAFU and Bit on the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents ongoing series, and with Fernando Dagnino on the New-52 Resurrection Man book. Santi keeps working as full author on his own personal work, like Vigilia, published by ECC Ediciones.

Santi is currently working on the award nominated Lazarus series.


Color artist- Lazarus; Resurrection Man; T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents; Action Comics / Captain Atom; Vixen: Return of the Lion; Faces of Evil: Kobra; Checkmate; Crime Bible; Birds of Prey, Red Lanterns…

Lazarus X+66 #6 page 1
Lazarus X+66 #6 page 2
Lazarus X+66 #6 page 3
Lazarus #26 page 1
Lazarus #26 page 4
Lazarus #26 page 22
Checkmate #22 page 1
Checkmate #22 page 2
Checkmate #22 page 3
Heroes Comic Con Madrid 2018 poster
Superman #698 cover
Vixen #2 page 14
Superman 80 page page 9
Archer & Armstrong cover
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