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(Barbastro, 1992) Comic-book artist and illustrator born in the Aragon region of Spain, although she currently lives in Barcelona, where she moved to study Fine Arts and the Graphic Arts course at Escola Joso. There, she started working in comic-books and the publishing world with short stories for several fanzines. She’s also worked as costume and stage designer for the “Morpheus” play created by Factory Productions. She later worked for animation studios as a storyboard artist and also as background artist for the “Memorias de un hombre en pijama” movie adaptation of the graphic novel with the same name created by Paco Roca.


She started her professional career in comic-books in 2017, when she won the "carnet joven connecta't al cómic" scholarship, which allowed her to publish “Red & Blue” (Editorial Panini) as full author. Since then, She’s worked for various national and international publishers such as Norma Editorial, Planeta and Dark Horse Comics. We can see her name in titles like "Dr. Horrible Friends Forever", "Primavera graphic sound" or "En la oscuridad", published by Planeta cómics. 

Sara has recently finished work on the Plants Vs Zombies: A Little Problem OGN for Dark Horse Comics! And more surprises to be announced really soon!


Plants Vs Zombies: A little problem; Red & Blue, En la Oscuridad; Dr. Horrible: Friends Forever; Primavera Graphic Sound...

Batgirl pinup
Red and Blue graphic novel, page 4
Red and Blue graphic novel, page 5
Red and Blue graphic novel, page 6
Hellboy, Midnight circus sample, p25
Hellboy, Midnight circus sample, p26
Hellboy, Midnight circus sample, p27
Ms Marvel #7 sample, page 1
Ms Marvel #7 sample, page 2
Ms Marvel #7 sample, page 3
Red and Blue graphic novel, cover
Dr Horrible friends forever, page 21
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